Reiki for People


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Reiki for People


Reiki is a highly effective, non-invasive therapy for just about anyone. The first thing you'll most likely experience during your treatment is deep relaxation. From this vantage point, your mind, body, and spirit can start to heal.

You may feel physical sensations such as heat, tingling, or pulsation in various parts of your body, along with an overall feeling of groundedness or weightlessness.

You may also experience a general sense of well being and love. At times, some emotional issues may arise. Reiki "jump-starts" your own healing process, so it goes where it needs to go. Joyce provides a safe, nurturing environment to help you start to heal from whatever ails you.

After your Reiki treatment, you will consciously and/or subconsciously continue to heal. Regular Reiki treatments will accelerate this healing process and you will find yourself becoming more centered and grounded, which will enable you to think more clearly. Many people find they have less anger, less worry, and less fear are able to connect more deeply with themselves and others. Reiki can help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and you will find yourself enjoying life even more.

If you are sick or experiencing emotional trauma, it is important to contact your health care professional in addition to seeking Reiki treatments, as Reiki is a complimentary healing method.

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Joyce also instructs others in Reiki Meditations and Reiki classes. Here, you can learn how to jump-start your own healing and do self-treatments on a daily basis.

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