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Shinpiden, Reiki Level IIIA, Master Class

2021 Three-Day Classes:


Oct 24, 31, & Nov 7


Are You ready to discover the Mysteries of Life?

Is it time to amplify your spiritual practice and step into the Great Bright Light space?

Joyce teaches a classical Japanese form of Reiki called Usui Reiki Ryoho. This form has its roots in Japan and is not the same form as is normally taught in the West. With Usui Reiki Ryoho, the focus is on personal and spiritual development in addition to hands-on-healing.

The third, and final, level to the system of Reiki is Shinpiden (meaning Mystery Teachings). This is the beginning of your Master's training. Here, we learn the 4th symbol in Reiki, the Great Bright Light, and most of our meditations and techniques during class will be focused on feeling our connection to the Great Bright Light that is already inside of each of us. You'll also learn how to perform a Reiju (spiritual blessing).

This class does not include the Reiki Teacher training. This will come later, in IIIB. It is important to first develop a personal relationship with the energy of Reiki and to start to discover our relationship with ourselves and with the universe before we start teaching others. The more we "become" Reiki, the more authentically we can teach others.

This Master course will focus on:

Prerequisite: Reiki Level II training

This class is great for existing Master students as well as Reiki Level II students.

Time is reserved for lots of practice and meditation, so that by the end of the class, you have a rich experience of the fourth symbol of Reiki and have extensive knowledge of the System of Reiki. This puts you in a solid position to deepen your own healing and start treating others on a more profound level.

You will receive the Shinpiden attunement, manual, and a Shinpiden Reiki Master Certification.

This class does not include training or certification for a Reiki teacher. This is achieved in part IIIB.

When: This is a 3-day course: see above for dates

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm each day (1 hr for lunch)

Where: Ben Lomond, CA

*Exchange: $405 (over 16 hours of class time and the Shinpiden manual) payment plan available

Gifts: Experience stepping into the Great Bright Light space and experiencing Oneness with the Universe. Who could ask for more?

Register: Contact Joyce Leonard, Reiki teacher & practitioner;; 831-421-1877

Contact Joyce to sign up for this class 831-421-1877 ©2008-2021 Santa Cruz Reiki Works